Nov 1, 2010

Check! Carpets are cleaned (by moi)!

On my baby-do list, I had "Get carpets professionally cleaned."  

Well, my carpets are cleaned, but not by a professional.  Instead of paying a stranger to come into my house and overcharge me for a pretty easy-to-do service, I bit the bullet and did it myself.

A couple of weeks ago the newspaper had a $10 off coupon to rent one of their Rug Doctor machines, and after the 24-hour rental and the shampoo and spot cleaner, the total was around $50. 

The hubster helped move almost everything out of the living room, and when you have a teeny tiny house and nowhere to put things, this is what happens to your teeny tiny dining room:

Plus there was stuff in the bedroom(s), like another armchair and the shoe rack.  Too much stuff!

The carpets are now clean and ready for baby crawling!


  1. I'd love to buy one of those....but only if the vacuum comes with it.

  2. I love that colour green on your walls!

    We only have a tiny little town house at the moment, so I know how your feeling with the no space thing. Babies need so many things, and lots of space to put those things! Lots of re-organising and de-cluttering is in order I think :)

  3. Yes, that green is definitely an eye-opener! :) I love how cheery it is.

    I'm noticing, now that we've gotten more of our baby things, that it will all take over the house. It's kind of nice though, seeing blankets tossed over chairs and things like that... I can't wait to have a baby filling the house too :)


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