Nov 12, 2010

35 Weeks, a bit late

Unfortunately our wonderful camera has died and for the moment is being shipped off to Nikon who will hopefully fix it quickly (like, before the birth). So the 35 week photos are from Kevin's camera phone. Obviously the quality isn't the same, but at least it's a picture, right?

Doesn't my belly look abso-freaking-lutely humongous? And to think I have another few weeks of incubation time!

And last weekend, my friend and moma and sister came to visit to throw me a baby shower (pictures soon). This is me with my little sister, who I hadn't seen in nearly 11 months for many reasons. It was so good to be around her again! She's a great girl with a lot of potential for a wonderful life! In this picture though, I think my belly looks bigger than it really is because there's a shadow from it on my sister. She said she liked this picture because the curve of my belly fit perfectly right under the curve from her boobs, haha!

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