Jul 1, 2010

Talking with our baby?

Two nights ago, the Hubs had a really cool dream:

He dreamt that he was lying there in bed with me lying next to him. He began hearing this voice, and starting thinking back to it, responding to it. That voice turned out to be our baby's voice, from inside the womb.

They were communicating telepathically! They had a conversation back and forth, from my belly to Kevin's mind. Kevin told me that our baby was a genius, and said that the baby's voice (or thoughts) reminded him of the baby from Family Guy... not the sound of the voice, but the way it was talking - very smart. When he told me about the dream he said that he asked our baby lots of questions, but he could only recall one of the questions afterwards.

He asked our baby if it was a boy or girl. The babe's response? It doesn't matter.

Which is so true, right? But how cool is that dream? Kevin had a hard time judging whether this dream was real or not, because he wasn't totally asleep... kind of in that halfway state where your body and mind are relaxed but still aware. And at the end of it, in the dream, I was rolling over.. but at the same time, he woke up and I was rolling over in real life... so it really confused him.

Could it be possible? I'd like to think that just as mother and baby can bond and "communicate" while the baby's in utero... that the dads can communicate as well! Maybe not telepathic conversations, but I do think it's neat to think about!


  1. How awesome! Glad that he's getting that sense on bonding in as well. Your babe does sound like a wise one.

  2. I love your little babystrology thingy over there----> that is just too cute :o)

  3. How great this is! Really awesome.
    And the baby was right ;) It doesn't matter. We're keeping the secret till the very end, ...we'll know it for the rest of our lifes anyway!

    I find it really awesome that your BF already feels a huge bond between the baby and him. It is so important!


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