Jul 9, 2010

In which I'm stressing out.

(post-it note mural in Dumbo, Brooklyn)

My mind has SO MUCH running through it right now. House projects that (don't really) NEED to get done before December, landscaping stuff that I want done, baby nursery things to consider and decide upon, tons of other baby crap that I don't even really know where to begin with that needs to be worked on/researched/done.

I'm going to sit down soon and make a major to-do list. I am a list girl anyway, but this list has just been floating around and magnifying in my mind. I need to put it on paper. Out of my head. And then each week hubs and I can circle one big item or a few small items to tackle, whether it's buying a breast pump or finish painting the house exterior.

And then I can finally start crossing some stuff off this dang list.

To think I only have 5 and a half months left until this baby gets here. And only 5 and a half weeks until school starts back, when I'll be teaching full time and babysitting a couple hours every day.

Oh, the stress.

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