Jul 28, 2010

20 Weeks & Lentil Letter

Dear Lentil,

I am 20 weeks pregnant with you (on Sunday) - that means I am finally at the halfway mark of this pregnancy. I know the second half will fly by so much faster than the first, and that kind of freaks me out because I know there is still so much to do to get ready for you.

Your daddy and I have started a childbirth class that will last 10 weeks. We've been to a couple classes already and even though I haven't really learned anything new (your moma likes to do a lot of research!), it has been nice to be around other pregnant couples. There are 8 couples in the class, and one of those are due on the same day as me! Another thing that's been really nice about the class is that it's giving your dad and me a chance to connect. We get to do our "homework" for the class every night, which is really just me relaxing and him rubbing my back or my legs (or wherever I tell him to!). I look forward to this kind of homework! :)

Another big moment this past week was that your papa could finally feel you kicking. See, two weeks ago (at 18 weeks) I started feeling this little pushes in my belly. They were so faint at first that I didn't want to get my hopes up that it was you in there. Then they got a little stronger, and always seemed to happen in the same spots, down low in my pelvic area. Then at 19 weeks, I could put my hand on my belly under my belly button (which is starting to look a little weird with my belly getting bigger!) and feel your movements inside and out! Only a couple of days later I got your dad to put his hand on my belly and wait for a few minutes. Every time you'd kick I'd give him an expectant look but he would just shrug because even though I felt it inside, it wasn't strong enough for him to feel it outside.

Until you gave a big sweeping jab across my belly! It was the biggest kick I've felt from you this whole time! His eyes got all round and I knew he felt it. What a cool moment. :) I finally feel like he can connect with you in a big way. Maybe you knew he was waiting there for you and you wanted to give a first hello. Or maybe you were just stretching. No matter what, we'll never forget it.

Oh, and we also hired a doula! She'll help us during the birth, giving your dad ideas about how to help me with the pain, since we're doing a medication-free birth for you. She's a friend, and she's getting her certification to be a doula, so she offered to help us for free.

As I get closer to the birth, I feel a sense of calm come over me. I'm still worried about the pain, but I know my body can do this. After all, my body was MADE to grow and birth and nourish a baby.

Oh, and we're also picking out paint colors for your room. I want to go neutral - I'm not big on pink for girls and blue for boys. It's really tough to choose which gray will be the best gray! Some grays are too blue, some are too purple. I think I've found the perfect one though, but I need to get it tinted lighter. I want a very airy, refreshing room for you. I'm so excited to get this room ready for you! Only 5 more months, baby!

*hugs and kisses*
Your moma

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  1. Just seeing how much bigger your belly has gotten has brought tears to my eyes, your were already beautiful but now you are baby beautiful and it is just so wonderful!!!!! I loved your baby letter for Lentil and I'm so glad yall are at the stage where you can sit and Kevin can feel his little one move inside you :o)


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