Jul 20, 2010

19 Weeks: Almost Halfway

Almost halfway. I can't believe it. Just a little while ago I was jumping around in our bathroom squealing over a faint plus sign. I may already be halfway. Due dates are so off all the time anyway. The baby could come early. Who knows? In any case, I'm almost technically halfway, according to my due date.

It's surreal: in just one week, I will be halfway to holding our baby.

Halfway to sleepless nights.

Halfway to tiny toes and itty bitty fingernails.

Halfway to slobber and spitup.

Halfway to baby weight sleeping on my chest.

Halfway to seeing my husband holding our little child in his big hands.

Halfway to diaper explosions.

Halfway to feeling the most love I've ever known.

Halfway to feeling the most physical pain, ever.

Halfway to soft skin and baby-fine hair.

Halfway to wearing my baby everywhere.

Halfway to the the rest of my life.

1 comment:

  1. There's no excitement quite like it, is there? And I'm very excited for you both. You all-the-way fabulous at halfway, by the way. :)


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