Jul 14, 2010

Baby Kicks or Gas?

It first happened last Wednesday. It felt like a little bubble.

Then Thursday. And Friday. And every day since. A few times a day, even!

I can't tell for sure, but I might be feeling the baby moving around in there! This is called quickening... maybe because when you feel it for the first few times your heartbeat quickens and your breath quickens with the excitement of it all!

Hearing the heartbeat a couple of weeks ago grounded me in this pregnancy. Before then I was floating around in pregnant-but-not-really-feeling-it land. Then I heard the heartbeat (so strong and beautiful!) and then I knew for sure that the life inside me was real and really growing and becoming a person that, really, already meant so much to me.

And now I might be feeling the baby kicking and pushing against my uterus?! Amazing. I always thought it would be really weird to have a human being prodding around in there, but I was wrong. It's so awesome.

Of course, it could be gas bubbles. But it does feel different than my usual gas.... so I'm leaning more towards baby kicks! I guess I'm still kind of waiting for more reassuring bumps to know for sure!


  1. I would say you are definitely feeling the baby moving Kristina and I agree it is the most wonderful feeling in the world, when I had Laura I missed that feeling so much for awhile. Just wait til little lentil grows bigger in your belly and you get to feel and see the elbows and the feet poking around in there stretching your belly out :o) I sure hope we get to visit to see you while your still pregnant, if I could jump in the car and go on my own I would be there in a heartbeat, hope you are having a good week...Love you HUGS say hey to Kevin for me please!

  2. I think I am feeling the baby, Lynn. These are bubbles I've never felt before, so it's gotta be the baby! Every time it happens I picture a little hand or foot pressing out! I can't wait until I can see my belly moving around!!!

    Make a visit happen! I know for sure I'll be visiting at some point, so you'll see me then, but you should come after I've got the nursery set up (haven't even started yet) so you can see all the little baby things. :) I'd love another visit from you guys!


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