Jul 15, 2010

Why "Little Lentil"?

Well, since I have no bigger news than I'm still feeling "The Gas" (which I really am starting to believe are baby kicks!!!) and that I've gained 10 pounds since the start of this pregnancy (midwife says I should be between 12-15, although all women are different), I guess I share why I chose Our Little Lentil as this blog's title.

Since the moment I found out I was pregnant, I went onto BabyCenter's website and plugged in my due date. They started sending me weekly emails telling me what was happening with my body that week, how the baby was developing, and of course, how big the baby was. They'd compare the baby's size to a piece of food - right now, for instance, little babe is about the size of a bell pepper.

Well, at 6 weeks, when I decided to tell our families that we were expecting, our baby was the size of a lentil bean. Therefore, Our Little Lentil.

Here's the story:

We wanted to share the news in person, so it involved driving an hour for Kevin's family, and then four hours for my family.

At each visit, after hanging out with the family for a bit so they don't guess right away that we're there to share the big news everyone's been waiting for, Kevin pulls something out of his pocket and says, "Hey, look at this." He's holding a lentil bean in his hand. Of course, everyone gathers around and looks at us like we're really weird, guessing what it is, and saying things like, "O-kay?" and Kevin would explain that it was a lentil bean, and sound really excited about it!

When the time felt right (we did this little number 4 times), I'd jump in and announce, "That's the size of our baby right now!"

And then lots of jumping and awwwing and clapping and hugging would ensue. It was fantastic, and I'm so glad we told our families in person, even if it did mean a 4 hour drive. I will never forget everyone's reactions:
  • My friend Hannah, before knowing the significance, asked if she should eat the lentil bean, to which I practically screamed NO! Besides it not tasting good as an uncooked bean, I did not want her to digest the representation of my child.
  • My mother sat stunned for a few seconds until it sank in and then she started crying. My brother, three years younger than me, who already has a 4 year old, looked at me with a mix of "are you crazy?" and "awesome!"
  • My dad and stepmom jumped up and clapped and my dad said "I knew it!"
  • Kevin's family looked around at each other while laughing and hugging. I think they knew all along that's what we came to visit for.
I'd had other ideas of how to share the news, but I wanted something original... a story that would stick. I think we did pretty good! Leading up to sharing the news, I was so nervous to tell everyone. I knew our families would be really excited for us, no doubt about that, but to be the spotlight of attention always throws me off. In the end, though, it was a lot of fun, and the memories of everyone's reactions are something that I will always treasure.


  1. I will always remember that day for sure :o) That is so cute about that website showing how big your baby is with sizes of foods how cool is it that little lentil is as big as a bell pepper right now awwwwwww, I already want to hold him/her.

    I wonder how you will break the news with little lentil #2, hehehehe....

  2. It was definitely a special way to tell everyone. And call me oblivious, but I had no idea what was going on, even after you'd both allowed me to babble on about the bean-in-hand for a long time. Hey, and then (quite a while later, but still) you came up with a creative never-ending game for Penelope involving beans. So, there's something about you and beans.

  3. I definitely think what you are feeling is bubs moving around in there. I started feeling strong butterflies around 16 weeks. Sometimes it feels like jelly is rolling around in my belly. I love that feeling!

    What a cute way to tell everyone that you are pregnant :)


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