Jun 28, 2010

16 Weeks (That's four months, ya'll!)

Dear Little Lentil,

I have been carrying you for four months now. I can't believe how fast time is flying... even your dad is in disbelief of how quickly our due date is approaching. When we first found out we were pregnant with you, we thought we had all the time in thew world to get ready, but we're just a month away from the halfway mark! Already!!!

We are so very excited to meet you. Most of the time I am thinking of you, in some way. Sometimes I picture how big you are (the size of an avocado, now) and how you must be flipping and spinning in my belly. In my books I see pictures of what your developing body looks like right now, and you're really a little person in there! It's amazing how quickly your body is growing and preparing for real life outside the womb! Your dad laughs at me when I tell him you're "practicing" all your kicks and flips. (I think he secretly hopes that you'll be a ninja that's kick-ass at the drums.)

Sometimes, though, I worry about every little thing, like... Will I be a good mother to you? Will I enjoy being a mother? How will your dad's and my relationship change... will that be okay? And loads of other things, but really, I think I'm just adjusting to the fact that our lives will never be the same when you're with us. I know deep down that I'll love being a mom - it's what I always wanted to be - but every once in a while I wonder what the heck we've gotten ourselves into! We'll no longer be Kristina and Kevin... we'll be Mom and Dad, and that's just a little strange to picture! But it is so nice to imagine a little you sleeping in between us, holding our hands when we walk through the park, laughing with us and and putting on little plays. All that does seem so wonderful and precious, and I really can't wait.

I'm getting more energy now that I'm really into my 2nd trimester. I've begun to do this wonderful prenatal workout video that really has my thighs and arms sore! But I know it's good to get nice and strong before my labor and before having to tote around baby, then toddler. It feels good to exercise. And all the while I think "I'm doing this for baby" and I get these little flutters in my chest. I think it's called love.

My belly still doesn't feel that big, but I may "pop" any time now. I can't wait until I really look pregnant. Then I can quit thinking that I just look chubby to the average joe. I will be pregnant and proud - and everyone will know it!

Lentil, we really can't wait to meet you. Your dad talks to you all the time through my belly, and he smooshes his ear up to me under my belly button hoping to hear your heartbeat. It's so sweet, and I know he's going to be such a good, loving dad!

See you in 6 months, baby!


Belly's still not that big! (But skirt is very, very tight!)

He snuck in for a kiss... I love this picture!

Belly looks a little bigger when I'm leaning on the tree...

...only this far to go till I reach the other tree!

Happy 16 weeks!

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  1. When I saw "16 weeks" on your Facebook status, I had trouble believing it. Time does go by so fast.


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