Jun 22, 2010

15 Weeks, and a Trip for my Birthday/Father's Day

So, I actually hit 15 weeks over a week ago, on June 20th - the same day as my 27th birthday and the hubs' first father's day. We took a celebratory one-night vacation up to the mountains to revisit our college and our favorite eats, and since we've been back, I really haven't had the time (or energy) to upload pictures or post.

I've begun my summer job, which is babysitting the two girls I've watched for almost a year and a half. The days are long, 11 hours per day, but the money is good and I've got something really special I'm saving up for (hint hint: it's in my belly). I'm actually only babysitting for 5 weeks, so it's not too bad, and I'll have a few weeks off before school starts back. Enough of a vacation I hope... more than last year, at least.

I also taught my first week of art camps last week. It went very well, and was a lot of fun to do something different with some of my students. It's a lot more laid back, and the girls I babysit came with me and enjoyed it as well. The next week of camps isn't until the last week of July, and then also the first week of August. Busy busy!

So anyhow... traveling up to our college was weird! The campus has changed so much over the past 4.5 years! New buildings, old ones torn down... the road through the middle of campus isn't a road anymore - just a greenway with benches and trees! We trekked all over, looking at our old dorms, checking out the spot where we literally first met, etc, etc... We made a video for the little lentil so he/she will be able to see where mom and dad fell in love and began their lives together.

Since we went to college in the NC mountains, our campus is very hilly... and my old dorm is on the highest point in campus. I really wanted to go see it, so even though I was wearing jeans and was already sweaty in 86-degree weather, we hiked up The Hill. On the way back down I really needed to rest, and we took this lovely picture while sitting. Kevin thinks he looks like a giant.

Can't see my belly, but I like this picture anyway. I am more than my growing belly!!!

Ahh, here you go. The best shot of my belly all weekend. We went back to the park where we took our first picture together, hoping to recreate it, but they've taken away all the picnic tables and grills, so we had nothing to set the camera on, and we didn't have a tripod with us. So this is where we took our 15-week photos, and this was the best out of the bunch.

Sunday, on the way home, we stopped at a turnoff that mentioned a waterfall. It was a teensy bit of a hike, but not bad at all. And yes, there was a beautiful waterfall. More exciting, maybe, than that was this insane snake that regurgitated a lizard. No joking. But then we got down and took pictures of the waterfall and, of course, ourselves.

It was a great trip... just one night, but long enough to feel like we "got away." We need to do that more often, while we can! We're taking another trip up here (actually, to Asheville) on our anniversary, in July, so that's soon enough! Happy 15 weeks!

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