Jun 14, 2010

14 Weeks

14 weeks! I am so glad school/work is finally over for the summer. Today was the last workday, and now I can finally concentrate on being pregnant. Enjoying it and learning and preparing: for labor, birth, and that little lentil coming on its way!

I decided to do different outfits each week, so that I'm not stressin' about what bottoms to match my black shirt. Plus, who wants to wear a tank top through December for weekly photos?

My belly definitely feels bigger this week. Maybe it's all the pizza, but I like to think it's my baby growing nice and strong and big. I still am in disbelief that this is happening.

Oh, and I keep catching Kevin say "for the first one" or "next time", etc.... meaning he is changing his mind about having only one kid. I told him early on he needs to get used to the fact of having at least 2, because I really want more than one child. He's even catching himself saying these things and trying to stop short before I notice, but my ears are open for those sorts of statements, and I don't let them slide. In fact, I usually do a little dance and yell "ah-ha" while pointing at him and grinning like a fox.

And, just because he's all camera-happy, hubs decided to extend the shoot onto me taking down the laundry (see previous post about not buying a new dryer). I think those shots are cute, and will satisfy my moma's craving for belly shots, au natural. Here's one for ya, moma:


  1. I will include myself and say OH MY GOODNESS LOOK AT THAT BELLY it is just too cute LOL I told your dad he needs to start watching your blog for the tree thing he laughed about the idea and said he would :o)

  2. I love all the pictures! Especially the laundry one...so neat!

    I also love your background! <333

  3. [Lynn] Haha.. thanks! :)

    [Atheist Mama] Thank you! I was pretty happy with the new background templates - finally - some color on my blog!


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