Jun 12, 2010

Choosing the Simpler Way (re: Clothes Drying)

Our dryer died.

When we moved from the mountains of NC (oh, beloved mountains, I long to be back!) to our current town four and a half years ago, we had to get most of the large appliances for our rental, as they weren't supplied by our landlord. We found a washer and fridge at Sear's, but our dryer... free on the side of the road.

An old dingy, yellow dryer. All it needed to work was a belt and an adapter plug. $8.00 later and we've had a dryer that has worked for almost 5 years. I have no idea how old it was, but I guarantee that it was not energy-efficient.

And a few days ago, something popped and it wouldn't heat up anymore. Kevin would have to take the whole thing apart, and then we're not even sure if he'll know what to do to fix it. So bye-bye dryer.

And we're debating on what to do: buy a new dryer, something energy efficient, with a warranty. Something pretty that matches the washer? Something convenient?

Well... maybe later. Right now, with the heat of summer and me having a little more extra time to be at home (school's out, remember?), we're going to postpone the dryer purchase. We have a wonderful clothesline in the backyard from my mom, so we're going the most energy-efficient, money-saving way: hanging clothes in the sun. And in place of the dryer, we'll get a drying rack to place there for those days that are rainy.

Every time I go out to hang clothes, I love listening to the birds and the sounds of the neighborhood: lawn mowers, kids laughing, music a few houses down. And I picture myself (I've done this for years) wearing a baby while doing so, helping the little one to appreciate slowing down and enjoying this type of work. Finally, my time is coming for that little dream to become reality!

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