Jun 17, 2010

Getting stuff done (but also needing to take it easy!)

Tuesday began the official beginning of summer break: no more teaching and no more workdays. Ahh...
I have been super busy working on a huge list of to-dos. And now that the countdown is really on (6 months, give or take), I've been trying to knock off a little bit. I've only got until Sunday before I start babysitting 11 hours a day and teaching my art camps, so I really have been trying to stay busy.

And I have!
Three months ago, hubs and I began working on painting the exterior of our house. It was a butter yellow and I have hated it since we moved in three years ago (I can't believe it's been that long already!). So, with the motivation of my moma, we began during spring break. While she was here, we got the majority of the front painted. A beautiful dark gray with off-white trim and turquoise shutters and door. Lovely.

[Before: Yellow with green shutters and red front door, red porch; huge bushes out front]

[Somewhat After: Gray front, turquoise shutters/door; no more huge ugly bushes]

And then pregnancy kicked in. At that point, I was already a couple weeks along. I got real tired, real quick. And Kevin has been SO busy with his business. So the house got beautiful in the front but stayed bleh everywhere else.

This week, I have been trying to finish up the front, at least: painting window and door frames, scraping windows, priming the porch floor for repainting, fancying up a wall with a repainted medallion, and touching up the porch ceiling. Also, I've spent a lot of time helping Kevin rope up drums so that he can actually spend some time with me this weekend. Doesn't sound like a lot, but add in low energy, a super messy house needing to be cleaned, and freaking hot weather (something like 97 degrees and MUGGY), I'm proud of what I've gotten done so far.

But not without a price. I hurt my back yesterday so I have been literally worthless today. I spent the day trying not to move around (and eating double chocolate chip cookie bars), which completely sucks since today was the day I was going to paint the porch floor and put the 2nd coat on the front door. GRR.

All that probably won't get done since tomorrow is booked with things to do, including getting my car's a/c fixed (hopefully), taking our cat to the vet for a routine steriod shot, visiting hubs at work for lunch, and running to a bunch of stores to pick up the last needed things for my art camps. And then we're taking a weekend trip to the NC mountains (love!). And then babysitting and camps begin on Monday. SHEW!

But my back is feeling better, since I rested today, and by tomorrow I should be good. As long as everything I need to do doesn't take too long, I may try to squeeze the time in to at least paint the door. Hopefully. We'll see.

Lesson: don't overdo it. As a friend said: take it easy! I'm building another life!!!

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  1. Im so glad your back is feeling better and you didn't hurt it badly to last more than a day. HUGS


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