Jul 18, 2011

Meeting more family. (Day Two.)

Read about Day One here. Day Two started early. (Too early.) Adelaide woke up around 5:30 or so but everyone else was still sleeping. So we wandered around the house, looking at the pictures and artwork, trying to keep quiet. Kevin's grandparents have a nice sunroom overlooking the woods, so we ventured there. And while looking out, we saw a bunny (when is it a bunny, and when is it a rabbit? And even more interesting, when is it a bunny rabbit?). It hopped away pretty quickly though as soon as we stepped outside. But we strolled around in their small back yard, looking at flowers and enjoying the peace and quiet of the morning. We got the paper and brought it in, and by then Adelaide was yawning and rubbing her eyes (so precious!). We layed back down for another hour or so.

When everyone was up and ready, we went to the cafeteria in their community and had breakfast. Adelaide munched on some fruit through her mesh feeder (love this thing!) and even -hold onto your hats!- danced with one of the other residents. I was in the line getting an omelet made and missed this phenomenon. A stranger that Adelaide was okay dancing with? I met him, and he was pretty flamboyant, so maybe that was what intrigued her. Nonetheless, amazing.

Back to the apartment, hung out for a couple more hours, then we were off to a local park to meet up with my best friend and her daughter Penelope. I will refrain from using one of my sister's wildly hilarious yet inappropriate sayings here, but let me tell you that it was really super incredibly hot. We abandoned the idea of casually hanging out while watching Penelope scamper amongst the play structures for the cool and refreshing Foster's Market (yes, again... that good!).

And after a really good pb&j and more fruit, we were back in the car, heading home. It was a wonderful trip full of family and friends, good food, great company, and lots and lots of adorable squishy baby. Can it get any better?

With daddy
Daddy didn't get enough sleep, but Adelaide is all smiles!

Matching Hannah
Hanging out with Hannah. They match!

Penelope running
Penelope. Ball of energy. Lightning fast. Full of awesome.

Pretty girl
Gorgeous girl!

Penelope sliding

Sitting on the play structure

Sharing leaves
Penelope brought Adelaide some leaves to check out. And then sat watching proudly as she lunged for them.

Investigating the green


Wiggle worm
This girl is all over the place!

Swinging with Mama

We love to swing!

Baby love

Penelope at Fosters

Blurry beauty

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