Jul 28, 2011

Adelaide {7 months}

Dear Adelaide,



You're 7 months old! You are so much fun, little one. Your daddy and I love watching you figure things and out, and we love noticing when you do something new. Speaking of, here's a nice list of all the new stuff we've seen you do this past month:

-You've started sleeping on your tummy. You'll roll over half-asleep and stay that way. It's really, really adorable!
-You're inching forward (little bumps and pushes) when you really want something, like a cell phone. Not crawling yet, really, but definitely moving when you want to.
-Lots of screaming and squealing!
-You eat two solid meals a day now, and you like pretty much everything we give you, except avocado and sweet peas.
-But with starting solids came constipation and gas! You've been having a tough time trying to figure it all out and that has affected your sleep. I think we're on the up and up though!
-You're grabbing our hair and faces constantly, and on that same note, you've figured out how to pull your own hair! I don't know why you do it, but sometimes you'll reach up and tug while you're nursing.
-You LOVE to pull yourself up when we hold our fingers/hands out! You get this huge grin and sometimes you'll squeal with happiness and pride!
-You're fascinated by Daddy's earrings - you reach for them and pull them out all the time!
-On your 7th month birthday, Mommy and Daddy had our first date! This was the first time we left you with anyone else (your Mimi and Papa Brown, and cousin Hayden came to watch you), and you did fantastic! We were so proud of you and it was nice that we all had a good time!
-You're starting to have this excited arm flapping thing going on, as well as starting to slap at things when you're really excited about something.
-You still LOVE the bath, and you splash A LOT, but you hate getting out and will often cry.
-You don't like the changing table anymore... you will often scream and cry when laid down and you're happy again once picked back up.
-And finally, there's lots of playing with us... you're laughing all the time and giggling at us, crawling all over us... it's awesome!








So safe to say we're having so much fun with you! We love you very much, and when you do something new there's a pride that we've never felt before. We watch you work hard to master new skills, something that we will be doing for the rest of our lives. We're so very happy you're a part of our family! Hands down, you're the coolest person we know. :)

Love you baby girl,

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