Jul 27, 2011

First date since Adelaide.

So, last week I talked about how we didn't do much to celebrate our 3 -year anniversary, which was true. All we really did was watch a kids' movie (which was pretty good, actually).

But Kevin's parents offered to babysit for us so that we could go out and actually do something baby-free. Just us two adults. Baby. Free.

In the 7 months Adelaide's been around, there've only been a handful of times that I've gone out without her. A few times to the gym (oh, yeah, there's that gym membership that we haven't been using. Whoops!) and a couple times to the grocery store. That's it!

So we jumped at the chance for them to come watch Adelaide for us, and Friday night it was. Leading up to it we were so excited! We couldn't decide what to do. We wanted to make up for 7 months of NOT dating. We entertained the ideas of rock-climbing at our local rock-climbing center, or maybe bowling. But we settled on dinner and a movie, with the idea that if we called to check in and Adelaide was screaming her head off, we could just do a dinner date, and save the movie for later.

But the day of, I got nervous. Adelaide was having trouble pooping (more on that later!), and was a bit fussy in the morning. I thought about how she might freak out without either of her parents there, something she's never dealt with. I wondered if I could really enjoy a night out without her. Would I worry constantly? Could I do it?

So I made lists. Oh, I made lists. And sticky-notes. A list of things Adelaide enjoys, in case she got fussy. A list for how to put her to bed. A list for how to change her cloth diapers, and what to do if it were by chance a poopy diaper. A sticky note on the mug for how to warm her bottle. A sticky on her night diaper which is extra thick and jammies. Everything laid out for her dinner meal. On and on and on.

And when Gail (my mother in law) showed up, and Adelaide was napping, she immediately said "Show me what you've written." She's a lot like me, which is kind of weird, but she understood the nerves that were taking over.

I mean, I was about to LEAVE MY BABY. And GO OUT. ON A DATE. Ack!

We went to Earth Fare and got some amazing stuff from the deli. They've got vegan nuggets spot on. Delicious. We also got a peanut butter and jelly smoothie which was not as "fun" as the cashier said it would be. Bummer.

Kevin got a portobella sandwich and blue chips.

And there's those awesome soy nuggest I was gushing about. And some pretty tasty marinated mushrooms and also a salad.

No, I'm not pointing to my armpit. I'm pointing to where my baby should be. *sigh*

After scarfing it all down, we got some root beers for the movie (shh... don't tell) along with the most amazing brownie I have EVER had. Ever, really. And it was vegan! There was some creamy icing stuff happening on top of this really moist brownie with walnuts. So very good.

Then we drove over to the movies where we forgot to use the two $10 gift cards that were in my back pocket. We could have had a free movie night! Oh well, next time. We saw Bad Teacher, which had so many very funny parts. We especially liked Phyllis Smith's and Lucy Punch's characters. Towards the end of the movie, though, both Kevin and I were checking our phones for the time and whispering to each other how we were both ready to go home and see our baby already!

And when we got home, Adelaide and Gail were both asleep and looking precious. My father in law told me stories of how good Adelaide was and all the smiles and giggles she gave. And apparently she only cried once, and that was on the changing table. Not too big of a shocker on that one.

So it was a complete success! Not only did my husband and I have our first alone time in ages, our daughter was amazing with other people. Totally helps me with the how-can-I-leave-my-baby-with-strangers feelings I get when I think about going to work. Not that I don't still have those, because I most definitely do, but it helps.

And the grandparents had so much fun. And they've offered to do it again soon. And we will really be taking them up on that. I still want to go to that rock climbing gym. And bowling. And maybe even another movie because, well, I do still have those gift cards you know?



Yeah, we were feeling a little giddy.

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