Jul 12, 2011

Great-Grandparents Savoie

Last Tuesday my grandparents drove up from Florida to meet their great-granddaughter. They were on their annual trip up to New York where they stay with my aunt for a month. Last year on their way down, they visited while I was nearly 6 months pregnant. And it's been nearly a year since they were here, and my how things have changed!

It was so wonderful to visit with them. I don't see them nearly enough. My family is so scattered. All on the east coast, but still. Aunts and uncles up in New York and Vermont, grandparents and extended family down south in Florida. My parents live here in NC, but four hours east, and Kevin's parents are the closest at about an hour away. Nobody here in Charlotte, and I get so lonely sometimes for family to be nearby. In fact, when family does visit, and especially if it's for a few days, I get really sad when they leave. Just like my Moma, I often cry when people leave.

Anyhow, Grandma and Grandpa LOVED Adelaide! A month ago, Adelaide would not have really let them hold her and play with her, but she is so much better at being around and with other people now that she is a little more independent. I'd say since she began really sitting up steadily on her own is where I saw the change in temperament, for the better.

Grandpa immediately got down on the floor with her, giving her kisses and trying to get her to laugh. We determined that if Adelaide doesn't see me (and is already in a good mood, of course) she is much better with others. If she does see me, often she realizes that she wants me, RIGHT NOW. So they each took turns taking her into the nursery and playing in front of the mirror. I even heard Grandma get a giggle out of her!

We went out for dinner, where Adelaide sucked and gummed a slice of canteloupe and a slice of honeydew. She was pretty adament about keeping those slices to herself. If I reached over to adjust how she was holding it (helping her, I tell you!), she let out a scream! But all in all, she did wonderfully.

Great Grandparents

Family shot


Grandpa and Adelaide

Playing around

Goofy Grandpa
[This last one is a little blurry, but I think it's so funny and love it anyway!]


  1. We are spending time with the Canadian grandparents at the moment and they are loving it. Although after 4 weeks I think they are pretty tired! xo m.

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