Jul 16, 2011

Meeting more family. (Day One.)

{Ok, air conditioning is working. Has been for a couple of days. Of course it broke on the hottest day of the year so far and it's been cooler since. The repair man was here only an hour but it cost us a whopping $365 to fix, which has us basically nixing our annual anniversary trip up to the mountains. A huge boo-hoo to me.}

ANYWAY... last weekend we took a trip to Durham to visit Kevin's grandparents. They met Adelaide a while ago, but time flies and another visit was definitely due. So we packed everything up last Friday night, and the next morning we got in the car for the couple-hour drive.

Adelaide did SO WELL. Her first long trip. She slept for an hour or so, then played happily in the backseat for the rest of the drive. And she did awesome with meeting everyone, too. Well, she'd already met everyone before, but you know... she didn't remember them. Kevin and I kept looking at each other and saying: She's doing so good! She's doing great!

We spent the morning and lunch with Kevin's grandparents. Then in the early afternoon, my mom and sister drove over to hang out and then we all went out to dinner at an awesome place, Foster's Market. YUM. Even without eating dairy right now, it was still delicious.

Then back to the grandparents' for a first time sink bath for the little one, then bedtime for her and a movie for us (21 Grams... a very good, but very intense movie).

Here are pictures from Saturday... I'll post about Sunday later because there are so many pictures I don't want to totally overload you! Enjoy!

Great-Grandma Joan
Kevin's Grandmom Joan

Great-Granddad Mike
Kevin's Granddad Mike

Loves to stand
Can you hear her screaming?

Center of attention
She's the center of attention!

Mama and baby
She loves pulling on my necklace! And standing! And screaming! She's doing all three here.

Love the arm rolls
Nom nom nom.

My little yogi.

Playing with Aunt Rae
Playing on the floor with my sister. "Aunt Rae."

Giving Mema the stink-eye
Giving my mom the stinkeye. "Mema."

With Aunt Rae

Listening to Granddad whistle
Granddad kept whistling to her and she was fascinated!

At Fosters with Mema
At Foster's Market. Intrigued by Mema's beads.

Blueberry love
This little girl will DEVOUR blueberries. See?

Sore Thumb
Hmm... who sticks out like a sore thumb here? :)

Our Little Family
My little family!

Laughing it up
Love the candid shots where we're all laughing.

Smile pretty
And of course the posed shots as well.

The Fun Aunt
My sister is so pretty! And so is my daughter!

First sink bath
Post-dinner sink-bath. She had a BLAST.

Enjoying herself

Pictures from Sunday to come! Hope you're having a great start to the weekend!

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  1. Hey, I recognize that pink dress! Also, in the "nom nom nom" picture, her facial expression reminds me of one Penelope gets quite often.


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