May 3, 2011

A day of Bradley babies!

Saturday was SO much fun. All the moms + dads + babies from our Bradley class (minus one set and the teacher) got together at one of the parents' houses in the late morning and early afternoon.

Except for one mom and her son, I hadn't seen any of them since September, when our Bradley birthing classes ended. I'd kept in touch with a few of them via Facebook, and of course we emailed our birth stories to everyone as they happened, but it was so so so good to see everyone in person and meet each of the little babies.

The oldest baby was almost 7 months, and Adelaide was the youngest at just over 4 months. She wasn't the smallest though - that little chunkster. :) Along with being chunky (though not the biggest by 5 pounds), I'd have to say that she was the most chatty of the group. Which surprised me, because although she can be pretty vocal at home, especially lately, she hasn't really "talked" much when we're around other people. Maybe she sensed that she knew them? I don't know, but it was pretty darn cute.

As for the moms, each of us that was at this get-together was able to use what we learned to accomplish what we wanted: a drug-free natural childbirth. Some at the birth center where I gave birth, some at hospitals. And that other mom found out at the hospital that her baby was breech so had to have a c-section, unfortunately.

Kevin and I snapped a few pictures, but this first shot (only) comes from another mom. She was snapping away throughout the gathering and caught this gem of my little family. I am definitely going to get this printed out and framed. I'm thinking of putting it in our bedroom and replacing a photo calendar from 2009. A much-welcomed replacement! My heart melts every time I look at this!

We thought it would be pretty cute to get all the babies together in one shot. I don't remember who suggested we put them in a circle, but I absolutely love how this turned out! Isn't Adelaide so cute with her blue dress (a $2.50 steal from JCPenney!) and white leg warmers ($2.00 socks from target with the feet cut off - no sewing!)?

Bradley Babies

And of course all the Bradley moms and their babies together. Thank goodness Kevin kept clicking, because with this many babies (and moms) it's hard to get a perfect shot! I think this one is pretty good though!

Bradley moms 1

And all the Bradley dads! (Without planning it, almost all the dads, except two, lined up in the same order as the moms!)

Bradley dads

I love this shot of my two favorite people!

Adelaide and Daddy

We stayed outside because it turned out to be such a beautiful day. Perfect weather and perfect company. It was a potluck. If you had a girl, you brought something sweet. If you had a boy, you brought something savory. We brought a yogurt + jelly + whipped cream pie that is always a hit. We spent a lot of time talking about what the past few months has brought us, shared stories, let our babies hang out together on sheets on the ground, and really enjoyed each others' company. Even Kevin, who was dreading this get-together really loved seeing everyone (as I knew he would!). We will definitely be getting together again!

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