May 10, 2011

My Mother's Day. (the botanical gardens part)

Saturday Kevin treated me to a day (really, more like a couple of hours) at the local botanical gardens. I had mentioned a few weeks ago that I might want to go there for mom's day, but up until Friday evening I didn't know that's what he'd planned. It was my first visit and although it ended up being much smaller than I'd imagined it was so lovely to spend my day among beautiful flowers and sweet smells with my two favorite people.

We waited to leave until Adelaide needed a nap so she'd sleep on the 45-minute drive there. She was out in five minutes and got a good nap in. When we got there, I wrapped her up in the Moby, put her on sunhat which is much too big for her, and off we went.

Moms got in free (me! yay!), and so did babies. And before heading off into the sun we rubbed little Adelaide's chubby pale arms and legs and face with baby sunscreen.

Kevin took loads of pictures of all the flowers. And loads of me and Adelaide. I got a few shots of them as well, but not many as I wore her for most of the visit.

She got lots of adoring looks from the other moms there, and even from another baby who was 5 months old. He squealed at her a lot and his dad tsk-tsk'ed him for flirting so young!

At one point I had to nurse her so we thought we found a nice pretty-secluded bench. I didn't have anything really to cover up with, and didn't really want to as it was warm, so I was thankful that not too many people walked by. I'm still nervous nursing in public though I'm getting a lot more comfortable with it each time I do. One woman smiled at me as she walked by, so that was a confidence booster!

Anyhow, it was mostly private, and Adelaide had just gotten latched on, when a horse-drawn carriage full of people came clomping by. Apparently we were at the end of the gardens and that was the turn-around for the carraiges! I took Adelaide off for a moment as I'm sure that's not really what the people signed up for! She enjoyed watching the horses go by - her first horse sighting!

I can see this being a tradition. Kevin and I kept picturing Adelaide throughout the years, of how she'd enjoy the gardens. There were a few water features for the kids to run through, and Kevin mentioned that when she's old enough we could bring colored pencils and a drawing pad to sketch the flowers. She's already our little nature girl and I hope she loves art too!

It was so much fun spending the day with my two loves. This is the best season of my life yet! I hope you all had a wonderful mother's day as well!


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful day!

  2. I did! It was wonderful to be out with my little family!


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