May 11, 2011

My Mother's Day (the frozen yogurt part)

Yesterday I shared the botanical gardens part of my Mother's Day weekend. Now time for the frozen yogurt part. Yoforia was having a buy-one-get-one-free-for-a-mom special so we popped in for some sweetness.

We brought along the Bumbo for Adelaide to sit in, our first time taking it out with us. Let's just say it was GREAT being able to actually eat my very delicious and slightly (read: very) unhealthy yogurt treat. Previously I'd be balancing her in my arms and manage to eat a spoonful every few minutes. Instead I scarfed down that frozen goodness, and it was goooood.

We, of course, took lots of pictures. At one point, a lady approached and offered to take a couple pictures for us. We looked pretty awkward, I'm sure, trying to squeeze us all into a shot while Kevin held the camera out. (Note to self: figure out how to use remote!) But I like the goofy shots as well as the good ones. Mostly I love looking at my little girl, the reason I was able to get a free yogurt. Love you Adelaide!

Next up: the broken bathroom part.

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