May 28, 2011

Adelaide [5 months]

Dear Adelaide,

You turned 5 months old last Sunday. Five whole months you've been here. Some days I think: "Wow, only five months?" and some days I think: "Five months already?!?" This month has really gone by quickly though. We're going out and about a lot. I try to take you out somewhere at least a couple of times during the week while your daddy is at work. We go to playdates with other mamas and their babies, although you don't play with them yet. Really, it's just a chance for your mama to have some face time with other grown-ups. :) We also go to the grocery store a lot, and sometimes we even to go visit daddy at work. We bring him lunch and he takes the whole lunch break holding you and showing you off to all his coworkers!

You really are becoming such a happy baby. The first 4 months were kind of tough. You were really fussy and quick-tempered, and although you still have your cranky days sometimes, mostly now you're just happy.

Now you giggle ALL the time for your daddy! You just LOVE to look at him and he can get you to giggle at him pretty easily. I think it's all the funny faces and goofy noises he makes. He does it to me to, and I laugh at him all the time. He loves making his ladies happy!

You have figured out how to roll from your back to your tummy with your diaper on now. For a while it was hard because your cloth diapers are kind of bulky, but you figured it out. But you only roll to one side, and have just begun to try and figure out how to roll to the other side (your left). You still haven't figured out how to really flip back over to your back when you're on your tummy, though you did do it once this past month, totally on your own (I think I helped you out inadvertantly the last couple of times). And when you are on your tummy, you can hold yourself way up high with your arms. You're getting so strong! You are starting to push yourself back a little at a time, too... beginning to learn how to move yourself around!

And you're sitting up without support! You look like SUCH a big girl when you are sitting up all by yourself. You still need help getting into a sitting position, but once you're there, you hardly fall. You did have your first faceplant onto a hard floor this past week though. We were at a store browsing the cloth diapers, and I took my eyes off of you for a second. That's all it took! You cried for a minute, but then you forgot about it and smiled at everyone!

You've found your thumb now. It's adorable to see you sucking on it! Well, most of the time, you're gnawing on it, but it's really cute nonetheless.

Oh yeah, and we're having problems with your poop! Haha... now that you're sitting up all the time, when you poop it goes straight up and out of your diaper! When I hear that rumble I pick you up really quick to try and prevent that. I don't really like having to change your outfit in the middle of the day. And I really don't like have to change MY outfit either!

I look at you and sometimes I miss that tiny itty bitty newborn stage. I don't think I cherished that time with you enough. So I try to hold on to all the bits of this stage, because before I know it you'll be eating food and crawling and walking and talking and going to school and going to prom and getting married and having my grandbabies. So, I'll enjoy the giggle-and-poop-filled days for now. Don't grow up too fast, little one. We love you so so so so so much.

Major hugs and kisses,

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  1. adorable! (I'm digging the green background for this photoshoot too!)

    Hilarious about the cloth diaper/rolling over thing. I was thinking about that myself - as my little guy is rolling to his side - if they'd have to push a wee bit harder. And sitting up in diapers - I never even thought about the new direction. Something to look forward to! (Eli is 3.5 months - it seems like forever, and then not long at all since he was born)

    Ah the joys.

    (your newest follower from Alexa)


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