May 13, 2011

A back so small...

Dear Adelaide,

Tonight I rubbed your back while you nursed yourself to sleep. You were curled into me, your legs tucked against my thighs, your arms tucked against my stomach. You make little noises when you swallow, noises that sound content which in turn make me feel so content.

I rubbed your back, so small. I marvel at how small you are. But I know that through years of playing in the yard with your dad, gardening with me, biking with friends, bending over building sand castles at the beach, hiking and camping and yes, even cleaning your room, your back will grow and become the back of a woman. A strong back holding you up tall, holding memories and experiences of life.

You will grow up. You are growing up. And in moments like the beautiful one I savored tonight, I remember that and my heart swells a bit. For the sweet little chunky baby that you are now, the spirited little girl that I know you will be, and the strong smart woman that you will become many years from now.

I am honored to have created that little back, and I will rub it as you drift off to sleep for as many years as you will let me.

your momma

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