Aug 13, 2011

Asheville Trip (family, first hotel night, splashing in the creek!)

Last weekend we took a trip to Asheville. Kevin had a drum workshop with a master drummer on Sunday so we decided to make a little vacation of it. I love going to the mountains. I swear I just feel different when I'm there. I little lighter, a little more at home. The drive isn't too bad from here in Charlotte, and before we knew it we were there. Thankfully Adelaide slept for a good bit of it, and didn't cry too much in the carseat that she is unfortunately beginning to hate.

We stopped at the big farmer's market first, since we got into town so early and couldn't check in yet. I tried to nurse Adelaide first, but there were too many people nearby and a guy playing the fiddle. I think she took two sips and was done. I couldn't resist getting a couple shots of my little cutie on the benches though!




We spent a good chunk of Saturday with Kevin's sister and husband. She's pregnant with her first (yay!) and due in January. It's so exciting to think that Adelaide and her cousin will only be 13 months apart in age! I can just imagine all the fun adventures and secrets they will share.

Adelaide and Uncle Paul

Adelaide and Aunt Meaghann

Saturday was also Adelaide's first time at a hotel! She did wonderfully, though she was a bit tired as soon as we ended up checking in. We had a king-sized bed, which was so awesome. Having all that room to spread out! It sure makes our queen-sized bed seem really small.


We didn't get much sleep, but Sunday was great anyhow. We first visited some friends, and then headed to downtown Asheville so that Kevin could go to his workshop. Adelaide fell asleep on the way into town from the hotel, so I just dropped Kevin off and drove in circles for a little while, finally parking and waiting for her to wake up (I'm sure some of you parents can relate!). When she did wake up, I popped her in the Boba and took off walking. Had some lunch at our wedding cake bakery (first cheese in 2.5 months!), and then explored downtown shops. It was HOT and I was carrying a heatbox right on me... we were both sweating by the time Kevin got out of his workshop.

We met up with Meaghann and Paul again and drove over to Bent Creek for some fun in the water. Have I mentioned Adelaide LOVES the water? She had a blast splashing in the creek... and you can't deny that her chubby body isn't the cutest!




Hmm... let me taste this reed...

Not so tasty after all... blech!


Fish in the water.

I'm surprised she was able to nurse at all! There were people playing in the water, dogs splashing in and out chasing balls... she did keep unlatching and looking around, but she got her fill! This may be my favorite nursing shot so far :)


  1. Looks like she had a great time! Her smile is just so sweet! I also adore your last picture together. Nursing is just so sweet and when you can capture it in such a way... it just makes your heart swell. So sweet.

  2. Jill, thank you for your kind words! Nursing is so much more special than I ever thought it would be, so I make sure my husband takes lots of photos for me!


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