Jun 14, 2011

This is a drumming family, for sure.

A few weeks ago there was a local festival called DrumStrong. I think this is the fifth year (?) that it's been going on and it's a pretty awesome event and cause. Scott Swimmer, the founder of DrumStrong and his son are both cancer survivors and he started this cause to raise money and awareness about cancer.

It's a two day event, where people get together to drum. There's a huge ongoing drum circle during the event, and each year it's a little bit longer than the year before so they can stay current in the Guiness Book of World Records (side note: as a present from my teacher in the fourth grade, she bought each of her students a Guiness Book of World Records... I had that thing for the longest time and vividly remember the picture of the lady with creepy long fingernails.).

There's also lots of yummy food (like the quickly-becoming-famous Veggie Thing. A delicious grilled pita full of greens, broccoli, salsa, and cheese. I ate like three of them in one day last year when I was pregnant. This year, I limited myself to one, but am already dreaming of next year's Veggie Thing.). And there are tons of vendors. Including Kevin, who uses the event to make a lot of contacts as people don't typically bring $300+ in cash to buy a drum.

And it was really freakin' hot this year. SO hot. Adelaide and I joined Kevin Saturday in the afternoon, and she charmed the pants off of all the people stopping by Kevin's tent. And we went down to the drum circle and she LOVED it. And fell asleep in the carrier even with all that loud, loud, loudness.

Next year, I see a dancing baby :). I can't wait.

[so hot after her nap in my carrier. kicking back.]


[so beautiful.]





[shot of the drum circle saturday night.]


["say whaaa?"]

[drum baby.]


Here's a video of Adelaide enjoying some of Daddy's drumming when she was a mere 3 months old. Half her age now, almost. I can't believe how time flies. So, so, so fast.

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