Jun 18, 2011

In which I find out my Mother's Intuition works. Ack!

Adelaide shares our bed. That's where she sleeps at night, and that's where she (mostly) naps. I've been saying for weeks, mostly in conversations with my mom, that I needed to either figure out a different sleeping situation or get some of those baby bed rails. Adelaide is starting to move more, and I wanted to be safe.

As far as moving her out of the bed... I'm not ready. It's selfish I know, but I think it has something with my heavy dread of going back to work, and wanting to keep her sleepy baby cuddles for as long as I as I can. It's entirely possible that she will still be in our bed many months from now. Or maybe "side-car style" in her crib next to our bed. Or maybe not. I don't know.

But the baby bed rails? We're buying them TOMORROW. Want to know why? I put Adelaide down for a nap, and left the room to go use the bathroom. She wasn't asleep but she was laying right in the middle of the bed and I was hoping she'd get drowsy on her own and maybe, just maybe, fall asleep. (Yeah right! Who was I kidding? She's never fallen asleep on her own like that.)

So, I went to use the bathroom, and when I was done I decided to go ahead and walk back into the bedroom at the same time as zipping up and buttoning my shorts - instead of doing that in the bathroom and then walking the little way to the bedroom. Essentially I got to the door of the bedroom 5 seconds earlier than I would normally have.

And thank goodness. My first real true instance of Mother's Intuition. Adelaide had flipped herself onto her belly and scooted herself to the edge of the bed and was literally on her way over, head-first. I immediately ran in the room and scooped her up. I was shaking, my heart was pounding. It's at least a 2-foot drop, and she was heading down head-first.

Had I waited 5 more seconds, like I normally would have to fasten my shorts on, I would have been scooping up a screaming baby off the floor, rattled and scared, at the least.

So, yeah, we're going out to buy a couple of these, tomorrow. And figuring out this baby-on-the-move thing. (Not crawling yet, but um, definitely scooting!


  1. Phewww!!! Lucky you got to her in the nick of time. Gotta love those motherly instincts. Mikayla moves all over the place so I haven't left her alone on the bed for quite awhile.

    I don't know how you do the whole bed sharing thing. I can never sleep comfortably at night with all 3 of us in bed. I usually end up with a bad neck lying in all different positions, trying to accomodate both baby and husband. I love having naps throughout the day with just me and bubs though when there is more room.

  2. Michelle - It's starting to be a bit of a challenge... last night I was kicked in the face because A was squirming in the middle of the night! But I love the cuddles and the way she nurses at night so peacefully (most of the time!).


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