Jun 20, 2011

Our weekend : delicious food, market-going, and family time!

Sunday was Kevin's first Father's Day, and today is my 28th birthday, so to celebrate we smashed the two together and treated ourselves to a delicious lunch at a place I've been wanting to try out for quite some time now.

outside of lunas

Luna's Living Kitchen serves raw, vegan, and vegetarian foods made from local, in-season produce! There's a farmer's market right next door and a couple of times during our lunch there on Saturday, I saw someone come in and hand over a bunch of lettuce or other goods to the guys behind Luna's counter. I'm guessing the salads we had came straight from someone's garden that morning (and boy was it yummy!).

I especially liked it because right now I'm going through a mostly vegan phase to try and help Adelaide's tummy problems. I'm always vegetarian but partake in cheese and eggs. But, for the past month, I've cut out ALL dairy, and have recently started cutting out soy, and have drastically lowered my sugar and nut intake. So Luna's, who's menu is mostly vegan and raw, was perfect!


at lunas

with daddy

This little one has turned into "our little monster" as we like to call her now. She's always lunging for everything in reach, grabbing everything, knocking stuff down, scooping stuff up... it's exhausting, but so fun seeing her trying to explore everything. We had a tiny table and had to utilize shelves nearby to keep our waters and other stuff so she wouldn't destroy everything!


kisses from moma

Umm... can we take a moment and recognize how WONDERFUL these next two shots are of my beautiful daughter? I think she looks so grown up in these shots. Maybe because you can actually see her neck? And those dimples! And that smile! *sigh* I love my little family so much!

beautiful baby

big girl

We had Popeye Punch smoothies - spinach, pineapple, mountain apple juice, banana, and hemp protein. So delicious!

popeye punch

yummy healthy smoothie

Adelaide had some of mama's milk!

nursing in public

Tri-Color Hummus: Lemon-parsley sunflower hummus, chipotle sunflower hummus, and curry sunflower hummus. Served with local and organic cranberry-walnut baguette, carrots, and bell pepper slices.

tri-colored hummus

My meal (the furthest away) was the Lunasagna: layers of zuchinni noodles served with sundried tomato sauce, crimini mushrooms and a raw vegan cashew/basil cheese. Served with a local green salad. It was sooooo yummy! There was a hemp oil/cashew dressing on the salad that was awesome too.

Kevin's meal was Gaia's Treasure: Shitake mushrooms, carrots and broccoli tossed in a ginger sesame marinade served over veggie rice and zucchini noodles. Served with a local green salad. I tasted his and it was delicious too!

Both meals were exceptional. I have zero complaints about the food! Luna's Living Kitchen will definitely be our go-to place for special occasions. It's a little pricey for normal weekend nosh.

our lunch


Afterwards, we decided to check out Atherton Market. What an awesome place! I loved all the chalkboard signs, the huge brick walls, and the ginormous ceiling fans! What a beautiful place! I hope to go back sometime and get some more shots of all the pretty things there. We ran into a couple people that we knew too, so that was fun!

atherton market

Adelaide has been looking up a lot lately... here she is checking out those huge ceiling fans.

addie looking up

freshly roasted nuts

handmade soaps

lots of blueberries

And finally, we stopped by Earth Fare on the way home and splurged just a little more. I got some flour and other things to try a homemade bread, and we got one root beer to share. Ahh... a great end to a great day!

root beer splurge

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