Jun 21, 2011

My birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday! I turned 28, but really I've been having to remind myself for a few months now that I was still 27, because for some reason I've been feeling 28 for a while now. So the day was kind of anti-climatic for me, but still good!

After Kevin got home from work, we took a little trip to the park where I got to wear and try out my new Boba baby carrier! I've had one checked out from my babywearing group that I go to once a month and love it. Kevin got me the Organic Pine since I'm pretty much obsessed with lime green right now. Only a teal version would have topped it, but they don't have any. I love my new Boba, and Adelaide settled right in! She is so calm when she's in the Boba, nestled right up next to me safe and secure. It's super comfy, easy to put on, and really cute!


Kevin also got me a really nice pair of dressmaker's scissors. They're nice and heavy, spring loaded, and super sharp! The best part about this gift? He vowed not to ever touch them! He always snags my scissors to cut stuff, and often dulls them!

birthday scissors

Two other awesome bits about my birthday:

1. I'm down to my pre-pregnancy weight! I lost 47 pounds in Adelaide's first 6 months! I've been lucky with my pregnancy weight pretty much coming off by itself. I've been eating healthy and toting around a heavy baby, but still. Now my goal is to get close to my pre-wedding weight by the end of this year. That's another 10 pounds. We'll see if it happens! I have to actually start working out to be able to meet that goal.

2. On the way to the park, I turned on the radio at the exact moment the DJ was asking for callers to win tickets to see Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj in Charlotte in August. Caller 6 won the tickets, and guess what? I was caller 6!!! So I have 2 months to get Adelaide used to a sitter (who?) so that Kevin and I can go out on a date! We've been on a Nicki Minaj fix lately so we're really excited!

That's it! I hope 28 is a great year for me. I plan on setting some goals and intentions for the year to make sure I am actively working on making it a good year. Setting my sights on great things and putting it out there. More on that to come!

I hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL day!

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!! What is it with husbands stealing scissors? Mine used my kitchen shears to trim bushes one time. Urgh.


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