Jun 17, 2011

Friday Crafternoon v.2

Hi there! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday so far and has plans for a great weekend! Here, we're celebrating Kevin's first Father's Day by going out to eat. We also have a lot of things we're working on around the house.

Of course, I plan to craft a little bit, and thought I'd share some creative inspiration for your weekend. I started this feature last Friday and hope that you ooh and ahh over what I've found across the web this week! Happy weekend!

These glow in the dark star jars would be so pretty lined up on the porch railing at night!

What a cute, quick embroidery project!

Have you seen the movie Up? Well, National Geographic did it for real!

Millions of french knots make for a pretty piece of art!

My mom used to live in Alaska. These icebergs are in Alaska, so they made me think of her!

These pretzels would be a yummy father's day treat for Kevin!

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