Sep 1, 2011

Welcome September.

How wonderful that Fall is just around the corner! I think Fall is my favorite season, followed closely by spring.

I love the crisp air, the cool weather, the beautiful leaves changing color. I love the breezes that flow through the trees, the option to wear layers and cardigans (oh, cardigans: I've missed you so!). I love being able to shut off the air conditioner, and the month(s) that we can open the windows and doors before winter comes knocking. The fresh air, clearing out the stuffy summer air. I love long walks in the middle of the day without feeling like you're going to have a heat stroke. I just love it love it love it. My favorite season.

This will be Adelaide's first Fall. I will have to make sure to introduce her to red and orange leaves, letting her play outside and watch them float down from the trees. In our yard, we have trees that drop layers and layers of leaves for months. Just when Kevin has raked/mowed them up, our grass will be blanketed in a sea of warm colors within the week.

What's your favorite season? Are you happy it's almost Fall?


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  2. Hi! I'm your newest follwer from the Alexa Hop. I hope you'll visit/follow me back at And I am totally with you. Love fall. This will be my baby's first fall too, so we'll be going for lots of walks! Hope you have a great weekend!

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