Sep 20, 2011

Musical Petting Zoo

I'm always on the lookout for fun, free things to do with Adelaide. Becoming a mother has opened me up to doing new things, so that I can show Adelaide the world and help her mind grow and reach outward towards things that she otherwise wouldn't be exposed to.

This past Saturday a big children's library in Charlotte, Imaginon, hosted a "Musical Petting Zoo." Members from the local symphony came with instruments that the children could try out and play. I'd never been to Imaginon, and had always wanted to check it out, so this seemed like a double score for us!

The section of the library with the instruments was pretty small and crowded, and LOUD. But Adelaide got to touch and experiment with some of the instruments (obviously not the cello or trombone!).

She had a blast! She checked out the cymbals, triangles, tambourine, and xylophone. The xylophone was by far the favorite. It was beautiful, sounded beautiful, and was easy for Adelaide to get really pretty music from it. She's started doing this really sweet head tilt when she's happy and smiling, and you can kind of see it in the xylophone photo.

The library is geared towards children, so there was a lot of other fun things to check out. We played in the play area, put on a show in the puppet theater, and nursed in the bathroom. Yes, even a place made especially for children only had one quiet spot for nursing mothers: an armchair in the restroom. At least it was a (somewhat) comfy chair. It did the job, at least!

Imaginon Shaker

Imaginon Tambourine

Imaginon Symbol

Imaginon Symbol 2
Everything in the mouth!

Imagine Xylophone
See her little head tilt?

Imaginon Letter S
The letter S.

Imaginon Rainbow

Imaginon Puppet

Imaginon Hanging On

Imaginon Adelaide Hands Show
I let go, and she was literally hanging on!


  1. She is so gorgeous! I love all of her blonde hair. It's great that you're introducing her to instruments so early; we're hoping to do the same with Lily.

  2. Cassie, Thank you! Adelaide LOVES music. Her daddy is a drummer and drum-builder so we're always surrounded by music. If she sees a drum, she'll crawl over to it and start hitting the head! And she loves her egg shaker... I may have to find more instruments for her for Christmas/birthday!


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