Sep 28, 2011

Adelaide {9 months}

Dear Adelaide,

This letter comes a week late. You turned 9 months old six days ago! We have less than three months until you're a year old, which blows my mind. With each month comes so many new things... I can't imagine what three more months will mean for your development and personality.

It's been a big month! You're now waving hello and goodbye, although you really just throw your hand up without moving it around. But it's the beginning of a wave at least.


You smile REALLY big when we sit out on the porch waiting for Daddy to come home and you see his Jeep pull up. You now recognize that the Jeep means Daddy is inside of it, and soon you will get hugs and kisses from him!

You've started to dance! Usually it's when you hear drum beats, but sometimes with music, too. You bounce your little booty up and down, and it's really cute!


You're talking up a storm these days. Well, you always have, but now instead of just vowel sounds, you say "Bah bah bah" and just last night you started saying "mah mah mah". Sometimes you also make a "kah kah kah" sound.

You love, love, love to play! Especially at night, right before bedtime. Although we should be making sure it's quiet-time, we can't pass up the fun rough-housing you like to do then! You crawl all over us, laughing and throwing yourself on top of us. It wears Momma and Daddy out, but we really love it.


Oh! And you give kisses! It's so sweet! If either Momma or Daddy says "Kisses", you will lean your head in so that we can smooch on you. You haven't connected your mouth with the act of kissing yet, but that is how you kiss for now. We'll take it!

Finally, just three days ago, you started going to school (day care) all by yourself for a little bit in the mornings. The first day was just a couple of hours, but you and Momma both cried a lot. We really missed each other. We're not used to being apart. The second day was a lot better. We were better rested, and knew what to expect. You cried a little bit when we left, but when I came to pick you up, you were playing and babbling, happy as can be! And finally, the third day (today) was really good, too. I missed you incredibly, as you were at school for three whole hours, but you were calm when I came to pick you up. You'd eaten a rice cake and drank some of your milk, and had played a lot. You were ready for a nap when you got home!


I think you'll be great at school. I only wish I could be there so I could see all the cute things you do. I'm jealous of your teachers, but I know we'll be used to this routine and separation soon. I wish there was a way I could stay home with you always, but this is the way it has to be, for now.


I love you so much, little one. My heart is so big now that you're in it. You're my whole world now. I hope you can feel just how much you mean to me.

Love, Momma

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