Sep 30, 2011

You Belong to Me.

As I sit in the back room, sewing cloth wipes and working on hemming work pants, I'm listening to Pandora. And just like a girl new in love, or after a breakup, every song seems written especially for this moment in my life. They pull my thoughts back to Adelaide each in their own way. She's at daycare for another two hours this morning.

I'm trying to stay busy, but then songs like this come on and make me think of the amazing connection a mother and daughter have. That me and Adelaide have.

Carla Bruni ~
You Belong to Me


  1. What a beautiful song! Your daughter is such a cutie. My daughter is 8 months now. I feel the same way. Everything in life kinda means more. I can pretty much relate anything to my daughter Milo. I hope they know how much we love them.

  2. [Heather] Thank you! I love your daughter's name, Milo... that is so pretty! And you're right, everything definitely hits home in a more special way now that our sweeties are in our lives.

  3. This made me cry :) I have a 5 week daughter of my own. Beautiful.


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