Feb 10, 2011

Pregnancy series finale!

These pictures were taken last Wednesday, when Adelaide turned 6 weeks. Throughout the whole pregnancy, I pictured us out there in between the trees right away. We even had snow and that would have made for a really pretty picture. But, time has passed way quicker than I'd imagined it would. I wanted to be sure to get some "finale" pictures for the whole pregnancy series with her, so I made sure to get us both all dolled up and out there for some pics between the trees. She was a good sport, though it was a little cold. She smile a bunch and was content to be sandwiched in my arms between the trees.

Hmm... I'm thinking bi-yearly shots out there with her to mark her growth? I think that'll be my plan. As long as we're living here, I'll plop her down between those trees and see how much she grows! Ooh, and I can make signs to nail on the trees with the date, her age, and height! Ooh, I love me a project! Now I just need to see if hubs will help and if he likes the idea. What do YOU think?

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