Feb 4, 2011

Happy Weekend to you!

I've come to like using photobooth for quick impromptu shots of the babe and I. Nobody has to hold the camera and you don't have to worry about settings. The monitor stays put and has a flash and everything. I just have to hold the baby and smile. Tonight we danced a lot and daddy joined us for a picture (or two, or three... and maybe some silly videos too) while Adelaide slept.

She's come to like this station on Pandora. When she's fussy, or even when she's not, I'll put it on and bounce and dance with her while she stares at the ceiling fan (that's not even on). Does/did your baby like staring at the ceiling fans? Anyhow, she'll often fall asleep in my arms while listening to some of my favorite music. *smile*

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I'd love it if you'd share your plans. As for us, we're seeing some friends, spending lots of time together, and trying to dash out for a few errands. Does anyone have any recommendations for fun outings with a 6-week old?

Happy Weekend!


  1. How sweet! My little one likes looking at everything, especially artwork on the wall. She also loves to dance and listen to music! She often drifts off while we dance around the room together.

    P.S.I think Adelaide looks a lot like her Daddy :)

  2. That's funny that you say that about her looking like her dad. That's what everyone says but I just don't see either of us really. She sure is cute either way!


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