Feb 15, 2011

Kevin's Valentine's gift, and mine.

This was yesterday's event of the day. I dolled up the little doll, ironed a nice piece of blue fabric and laid it out on the floor next to some natural light, cut out lots of letters and speech bubbles, and ta-da! - Kevin/Daddy's Valentine's gift 2011.

I printed each picture at about 3 inches x 5 inches on regular copy paper. I then placed them on a nice green piece of scrapbook paper and glued them down in place, and put them in an 8x10 black frame that we already had.

A wonderful gift that he can take to work that didn't cost a thing. I'm tempted to make another to hang in the house! It's just so darn cute! I especially love the "love" picture! It looks like she's really saying it! :)

And Kevin's gift to me: a whole night of his time. This means SO much to me. He's so busy all the time with a full-time job and then he comes home and has to work all the time on his drum business. I'm lucky if I get an hour every once in a while. Last night was all mine! He bought a board game for me, since I love them so much, and after too much yummy coffee cake, we played it: Battle of the Sexes. It's way harder than you'd think! But it was fun, and we played for an hour before Adelaide got fussy and demanded my attention. We also watched the Bachelor and were so relieved when crazy Michelle got booted off the show.

And word on the streets is he's giving me tonight too! Woohoo!


  1. Happy Valentines Day!

    Love the pictures!!

  2. I love it! What an awesome idea!! I need to find someone with a new babe so I can share this because it's just that cool :)

  3. Thank you! It was really fun and quite easy to do... I just had to cross my fingers that little Miss Adelaide wouldn't get fussy! :)


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