Apr 30, 2012

Such a little girl.


Sunday my baby took a baby to nap with her for the first time, and it made my heart melt. She hugged that doll till she fell asleep. I brought it with me today when I picked her up from daycare, and when she saw it she grabbed on tight and whimpered, like she missed it all day. She carries it around, patting it on the head and hugging it.

This evening, I picked her up off the counter where she was entertaining herself while I did the dishes, and left her doll behind. Adelaide patted her chest where her baby should be, and I thought I was going to cry.

She is so sweet, and growing up. I wish I knew her every thought. She's becoming a little girl, isn't she? I love her so much.... look at this kid:

I'm 99% sure that these overalls are mine from when I was little... awesome!

And this sweet tie-dye number is from a beautiful friend of mine... check her out.


  1. What a precious moment to capture with the camera!

    1. Totally agree with Margaux -- that first picture is magic.

  2. she'll always be your little girl, even when she's grown and says, "MOM, I'm not little anymore!" I get that from time to time :) She is precious and I love the picture of her with the dress and sunglasses. A whole lot of cuteness <3

  3. she is so cute, that photo sleeping is the sweetest!


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