Apr 11, 2012

A little thrifting...

The thrifting bug has hit me. Maybe it's wanting to save money, maybe it's wanting to find new treasures that already hold stories. Either way, I've had an urge to check out my local thrift stores, and finally got to do so a couple weeks ago. I snapped some pictures of my finds, but let me tell you: I have since found more special things that I need to photo. And will do so. But instead of waiting, I'm just going to share these, otherwise they'd sit for a couple more weeks and that's not fair to them. :)


These hardback books were only $1.29 each, except for Berlioz, which is paperback at only $0.99. The Look At Me! book is a HUGE board book that has oversized pictures of babies, and Adelaide adores it. The art book is a great addition to my classroom. Berlioz is a Jan Brett book (if you are an elementary teacher, you know the value of Jan Brett!), and the Eric Carle book... OH! The Eric Carle book! Perfect condition, except the flashing fireflies in the back need a new battery. My jaw dropped when I saw it. I had to have it!!!


Super-cute clothes for Adelaide. A nice vintage-y frock, a tan jacket that will be perfect next fall, and a dress/bloomer set that will be a nice addition to this summer's wardrobe. Only $1.99 each.


Little strawberries!


And this dress. $4.99. NOT my usual style, but when I was in the dressing room staring at the humongous HEAP of leftovers from other people, I saw this and on a whim tried it on. It fit awesomely, and I figure if I ever go to a fancy dinner place ever again, sans baby, this would knock Kevin's socks off.

So there you have it. About 16 smackers for a nice dress, three items for Adelaide, and 4 awesome books. I was pretty happy about the finds! Especially considering that the Eric Carle book alone, brand new, is about the same price as all of the above! Now, if only I can drag myself to take photos of those other treasures...


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