Apr 11, 2012

Our Easter Sunday.

Pretty dresses.


Chomping on bunnies.


Searching for eggs at Mimi's house.


And finding them!


Counting the loot.


Cousin's a good egg finder.


Discovering treasures and treats.


Snacking on the Easter Bunny's carrots.


Blowing bubbles with Mema.


Handsome daddy.


A little snuggle time!


Playing with Papa.


The Easter Bunny left treats at our house too!


Doing a little bunny imitation. And pulling it off, cutely.


Ahh, relaxing after a fun-filled day!


Hope your Sunday was fun and bright, too!


  1. That dress! That delicious goofy grin (4th from bottom pic)! I cannot wait until L has a little more of an understanding of what's going on at holidays. You and your husband are so sweet together, too :)

    1. Thanks Courtney! I don't know that Adelaide "understands" but she definitely does have fun!


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