Apr 5, 2012

Birthday wishes.

Today is the birth day of two people in my life: my nephew Hayden and my friend Hannah! So, happy birthday, you two. One is five and one is - gasp! - twenty-nine. You can guess which is which.

This might give it away: I've known Hannah for, oh, about 17 years (holy cow, right?). As life does, we've moved in our own paths for many years now, but we keep in touch and are of course there for each other when we really need to be. Living apart definitely has a huge impact on how often we can see each other and how involved we can be in each others' life, but we seem to make it work. Happy birthday, sweet friend of mine!

And Hayden is a boy growing up right before my eyes. Each time I see him, he seems so much more grown. It's incredible. He'll be starting kindergarten in the fall, geez! We went to his birthday party on Sunday, and thankfully Adelaide's teething didn't affect her and make it a poor time (aside from the no-nursing bit). She loved munching on pizza crust, running around everywhere, and enjoying all the attention she always attracts. Here's some photos and a really short video from the day...

Adelaide and her great-grandmother

Kevin's mom's three grandkids together... and the only shot I got of the birthday boy all day!!! Whoops!





Remember our new niece? She's gotten so big!




  1. It's great to have friends who've known you since way back when. Unfortunately, even though my friends live close by, we still see each other online far more than we do in person!

    Also - Adelaide is just.so.cute. :)

  2. Many thanks from the 29-year-old birthday person! :)


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