Mar 31, 2012

Teething and cuddles.

The teething monster is at it again. Adelaide has slept fitfully all week, and Thursday and Friday nights ran fevers. Today she has been in pain, constantly putting her hands in her mouth and crying. She's drooling like crazy, feverish, CLINGY, and unable/unwilling to eat or nurse much. She hasn't napped all day because each time we lay down to try to go to sleep, she cries out in pain and refuses to stay lying down.

I hate this for her, and I wish she wasn't in pain, but if it's not strange to say: I have really enjoyed taking care of her. I said this to Kevin, and he totally got it. We know that we're taking care of her, helping her in any way that we can: distracting her, taking her outside, getting little sips of milk, juice, or water in her, a graham cracker here, an apple slice there. It's all helping, in little ways. We know why she is fussy, we understand her behavior today. It's not like many of our other days when we have no idea what's going on and nothing seems to help.

Last night (Friday), she could barely stay awake past 6pm (bedtime is usually between & and 7:30pm). She nursed constantly when we got home from work/daycare, and for long sessions. She wanted Emmylou on repeat (thank you Bekah for sharing that song with us!), and when she was done nursing, reached over to Daddy and fell asleep on his shoulder.

She has been a Daddy's girl for the past week or so, loving his hugs, resting on his chest, reaching out for him. It's a nice change of pace, something that Kevin has been waiting over a year for. So, of course, I had to snap some pictures of this precious moment as it's been a very long time since she's fallen asleep on him. Just another memory we don't want to forget...





  1. so precious! daddy/daughter love <3 I hope she gets to feeling better, poor baby. teething is always so hard to get through.

  2. precious!!! Good to know they eventually reach out for daddy...mine just started reaching for me all the time and I think daddy is a little hurt by it sometimes. :(

    1. Angela, this is a very recent development. She used to care less if Daddy was there, or if he left, or anything. Now, she cries if he walks out, and she reaches for him all the time. It makes his heart swell :)

  3. Awww. That first picture is so sweet! I know what you mean about loving to get to take care of your baby and actually knowing what's wrong -- such a rare occurrence :) Hope she feels better soon!


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