Mar 26, 2012

NC blogger meetup!

Saturday I was fortunate to attend an NC blogger meetup. Lovely Bekah and Jess organized and hosted the event, and a whole slew of (mostly) mommy bloggers showed up to hang out, get to know each other, and stuff our faces for the better part of the day.

As soon as Bekah posted about the idea for an NC meetup on her blog, I was all in. I was never too nervous about it, though this is the sort of thing that usually gets me all worked up. I did have a moment about what to wear beforehand, trying on every possible combination of tank-top and cardigans possible, but I decided to just be me and settled on a nice black top with gray cardigan. Nothing fancy, but still nice. Jeans and some nice black flats. I think I stressed more about Adelaide's outfit than my own, and even after settling on a cute pink dress and even ironing it (!), she got a blueberry stain front and center and we had to change the whole thing. Of course, she was super cute no matter what!


I think what I was most anxious about (though not too terribly), was that I was meeting "bigger" bloggers. You know, those with a ton of followers that have been doing it successfuly for years. Little ole me with 90-something followers, rarely getting comments, rarely posting, meeting these women that I admired for their lifestyles, writing, and fun blogs.

Kevin told me beforehand: They are just moms, with blogs, just like you.

And he was totally right. This was such a warm, welcoming group of ladies. I had awesome conversations with a couple of the ladies... a lot of "me too's!" and honest sharing of feelings and life. A local cupcake company, Cupcrazed, provided some of the BEST cupcakes known to man (toasted coconut? yes, please!) thanks to Passionfruitads. And all the ladies brought homemade goodies (I made salsa): smoothies, mango water, coconut milk, pb&j sammies, fruit salad, kale salad, and a bunch of other stuff that I honestly can't remember. It was awesome.


We did a fun photo-booth where we each shot a 3-4 second blip making cute poses for the camera. Jess is going to put together one of her awesome videos of the day, and include a Brady Bunch-esque recap of all the bloggers that came out.

There were so many kids/babies. I have to say, when I first walked into Jess's house and saw her boy Kael, it was surreal. I've known this boy since he was born, without ever meeting him, and there he was in the flesh like any toddler would be... padding around his house with his belly stuck out and skin stained with marker.


It was awesome. I came home buzzing with excitement over meeting such a great group of ladies. It felt inspiring and real and wonderful.

Here's a run-down of the ladies and their blogs:

Bekah at My Little Loves
Jess at Boho Baby Bump
Brooke at From Under His Feathers
Brittney at Brittney's Rabbit Hole
Paige at We Three Pilgrims
Dusti at Where Am I?
Carey from La La Lu
Jenn at The Fortunate Plight
Anna at The Colorful Living Project
Rebecca at The Unsteady
Tia at Two Birds on a Wire
Leslie at The Beehive Mutter
Jessie at Some Stuff About Stuff

P.S. I was totally, totally awful about taking pictures. All the ones I did take were either blurry or of nothing important. I guess I was shy about sticking my camera in everyone's faces. Gotta get better at that... especially at an event all about blogging where half of what you do is take and share pictures!!!


  1. It never fails that they get their outfits ruined right before you walk out the door!

    It really is a little surreal to see people in person that you've been reading/seeing pictures of for a while.

    Great recap :)

  2. So great to meet you lady! Your little Adelaide captured my heart. She is such a doll!

  3. It was a joy to meet you! Really enjoyed laughing with you! :)

  4. I just want to I read your sentence about not having as many comments....I love your blog!!! I also have a little one named Adelaide! I stumbled across your blog while looking up natural birth stories when I was pregnant. I am also a natural birthing, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, cloth diapering, vegetarian mama. =) I always look forward to reading the adventures of your little one when my little one gives me a chance to! ;) It it awesome to keep up with you all and you have taught me a thing or two. :)

    1. Thank you for reading, and commenting! Could we have any more in common??? Sounds like you're doing things right ;)


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