Mar 3, 2012


Today went by way too fast. All week I was in a funk. Tired because of a baby who can't sleep well and keeps her mama up, too. Stressed at work because of too many things to do and not enough time to do it (and refusing to work late because I don't get paid near enough as it is). Desperately wished I would magically win the lottery so I could switch back to stay-at-home-mom and be able to fix both of those problems (naps and no work stress).

So I was really looking forward to the weekend. And wham! It's now almost 9pm and where did the day go? I was able to sleep in (thank you, hubs) and grocery shopped, and what? That's it? And it's 9pm? le sigh.

At Aldi's. Super cheap produce, though not organic.

Pretty much the only way to keep her entertained while shopping for groceries: feed her the groceries.

Made a really quick and delicious dinner that is an easy go-to in this house: sauteed zucchini and onion is sooooo good. Sometimes we throw in squash too, but I don't care for squash (has no taste, to me). Zucchini is king. Also, couscous with pan-toasted pine nuts and raisins (soaked in pre-boiled water for 10 minutes to plump up). So good. Adelaide got plain couscous and ate it up.

Tastes better than this picture makes it look.

Don't know where she learned to stick her face in her plate (ahem, Kevin...).


Hopefully tomorrow really will be sunny like my phone says it will be. Only 55 degrees predicted, but in the sun it will feel really nice. This rainy cold weather makes me blah. I need spring to get here, and stay here... no more teasing us please!

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