Mar 17, 2012

Love what you have.

We are lucky to have a great big front yard, and a great big back yard too. We own just under three-quarters of an acre. A bunch of it is woods in a flood zone, but a lot of it is usuable. The entire front yard is pretty sloped, and the back is super uneven with patchy grass. It's a pretty bad looking yard, in my opinion. So much potential: no time or money to do anything about it.

But, for Adelaide, our yard is an undiscovered world, full of treasures. Despite my wanting a nice mulched front bed, paved walkway to the backyard, pretty flowers and trimmed bushes, Adelaide could care less. She is intrigued by the shoots of grass, the small acorn tops, baby pinecones, and dandelions popping up everywhere.

Just another lesson to love what you have, and not struggle so much against it. Thank you, dear Adelaide, for always teaching me.











  1. Sooo cool :) We started a carrot garden for our babes...the carrots seem to be growing good. Good luck with yours :)

  2. I haven't had luck with carrots :( But tomatoes and basil work really well for us!


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