Aug 19, 2010

Worn out, but feelin' the love...

Yesterday I started working again. Teachers in my county get 5 workdays before the kids start school, which is pretty nice. (Although, over half of those days are filled with awfully boring meetings.)

My body clock hasn't adjusted yet. For the past couple of weeks (my true summer break after babysitting), I have been going to bed around midnight and waking up around 9am (or sometimes 10am). But with work, I have to get up around 5:30 (which usually snoozes right into 6am) in order to give myself enough time to wake up, get ready, eat something healthy for breakfast, and get out the door with enough time to get to work without being late (something which I have a hard time with, unfortunately).

This means I have to go to bed around 10:30 or so to get enough sleep to not be a total zombie all day. Doesn't sound difficult, I know, but I'm more of a night person by nature and it sucks going to bed early. If I were really smart, I'd be going to bed before 10pm, but I just can't do it.

Two workdays have passed, and my feet hurt, I'm barely able to do anything once I get home because my energy is zapped, and I'm getting super protective over this belly of mine. Some of these ladies at work make a beeline for a belly that's jutting out like mine, and I don't like it one bit. I can see them coming and I have 2 milli-seconds to figure out how to divert their mama-lovin' hands. So far those diversions have failed and I bristle up because hey! this is my body! I think they're starting to get the hint.

It has been SO fun, though, to talk about being pregnant and the baby all day! Everyone (and I mean everyone, all 50-something of my coworkers) wants the scoop, so I find myself repeating a lot of things. But it's worth it because they say things like "That's such a beautiful name!" when hearing Adelaide's name for the first time, and "You're so cute! You look so good for almost 6 months!" which is something I could hear every day and never get tired of it. And for our catered lunch today, at least 3 people let me skip them (without me asking, of course - rude!), becuase pregnant ladies need to eat. The bathroom line faded as I walked towards it. I guess this is the equivalent of being given a seat on the subway, if I were to ride one. I could get used to this - thank you Adelaide!

I'm just going to have to figure out this feet and fatigue issues though. Force myself to buy some old-lady sneakers with the awesome support and try to nice them up with funky socks and long cover-em-up pants. And make myself go to bed earlier, so that I can bright and alert for all the wonderful love my coworkers want to shower me with.


  1. I'm on a night owl back on a school schedule, too. It's a tough adjustment to go to bed so early!

    I love her name!

  2. How exciting!! I was where you are oh not so long ago. I miss it! I remember repeating myself too, haha. And not too many people liked to touch my belly. But I didn't mind when they did.

    LOVE that name! My friend just named her baby that last month! So pretty!

  3. Moderate Means - how are you doing with the schedule, now that school's a month or so in?

    [Baby Making Mama] Thanks for stopping by (I do adore your blog!). I'm not minding people touching my belly so much anymore, now that when you do, you can actually feel firmness from where she's resting. So instead of rubbing my fat belly, they're actually somewhat connecting with the baby!


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