Aug 5, 2010

In which we went overboard on the paint samples...

Choosing a paint color for the nursery was so hard. I know these pictures show only 4 samples on the wall, which really is not that bad (maybe a little). But after these photos came more samples, making a total of 7 different colored squares on that wall. And they were all versions of gray.

Some grays are actually really blue. Some are pretty darn purple. Some are too light, some are too dark. I think I walked into that room a hundred times, each time trying to go in casually as if I were just sauntering in without the premise of picking one of the paint colors.

My favorite was Glidden's Misty Moonstone. It has just a touch of blue, but barely. It really is a good gray. (Grey?)

But it was a pretty similar gray to the one we have in the living room and hallway. I didn't want the seemingly-same gray in the nursery.

(By the way, I wanted a neutral color for the walls, even though we will be finding out the sex - I'm not big on walls being pink for girl and blue for boy... I may have mentioned that before.)

Anyhow, so we took to the Home Depot again, and got two more samples, one in Misty Moonstone 25% lighter, and one 50% lighter.

The 25% lighter version is our final choice! It's perfect. :) I'm so happy - something crossed off the list. My mom comes to visit next week, and I'm going to have her help me paint the room... so exciting!!!


  1. Lol, what a decesion ey! Glad you found the perfect colour in the end. I am sure it will all look great once it's done. I am also not a fan of just blues or pinks for nursery colours.

    Me and my partner are going to start on our nursery really soon now that we know what we are having. We have a lot of shifting and organising to do. At the moment bubs room is the office. Can't wait to start though :)

  2. Beige is our neutral - it's amazing how many shades there can be for one color!!

    Happy painting :)


  3. i think grey is a smashing idea! and with a touch of blue! very pretty!
    and if you like blankets, you should check out great website for knitters & crocheters! tons of free patterns! you can so find a baby blankey pattern!

    what other colors are you using in the baby's room?

  4. What fun to choose a colour! We rent so we can't paint the rooms but when we eventually buy I look forward to umm and awwing over shades as my husband moans and says he can't see the difference. Have fun painting! xo m.


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