Nov 22, 2011

Right now...

Right now:
Adelaide is teething. This has been going on for two weeks now. I used to think that she was teething, months and months ago, but now I KNOW she is. And it's not fun. She's clingy, fussy, moody, grumpy. With bouts of playing and goofiness thrown in. Come on, bottom tooth! Pop through already!

Right now:
I am counting down to the end of the workday. Our bags are mostly packed for a long weekend away to the beach, and we're headed out as soon as we can tonight. Each year, Kevin's grandparents rent a beach house for Thanksgiving and the whole family gets together. I am very much in need of this vacation. It will be Adelaide's first time at the beach, first time meeting some more family. She is going to make everyone's jaws drop, what with all the walking and gabbing and clapping and waving. :)

Right now:
I am in SHOCK that my little girl is 11 months old today! One month and a whole year has flown by. Some days I don't mind if they fly by, but now... now I just want time to stop. If all her years go so fast, she will be driving and going to college and getting married before I know it. And I'm not ready for that.

Right now:
I still wish I were at home. Money is still tight, even with paychecks. Free time doesn't exist anymore (hence the absent blog posting). Chores pile up, house is chaotic (which feeds my anxiety), dinners are pathetic. It's all I can do sometimes to keep my head above water. I keep telling myself that it will get easier as she gets older and more independent, but I'm not so sure that's true. Plus, there's that whole growing up thing to deal with.

And, right now I want to say thank you to my readers for sticking with me in this time of transition. I have so many intentions of posting more frequently... so many pictures to upload, so many stories to tell (like of Adelaide's first wedding attendence, or how she's beginning to explore the outdoors, etc...), but time and baby get in the way. I guess I need to tell myself that this season of my life is so important for Adelaide. That if all I do each night is hold her and put that dang puzzle together for the millionth time, that she will at least know that momma is there for her. Who cares if the dishes pile up or leaves take over the front porch? What they say is turning out to be true: she won't stay my baby for long. Before I know it she won't need me in the same way so I need to enjoy it while I can.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, if I don't write before then!

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  1. Dear Kristina,

    I want to thank you for your open and honest stories of motherhood. I'm not sure how I stubbled across your blog one day, but I am glad I did, especially as I will be a first time mama in July. I am scared, nervous, excited, and overwhelmed with the joy of welcoming a child into our home and as I join the ranks of motherhood, your blog helps to give me peace. And don't worry about updating and such; being a working mom and teacher is tough (I am a special education teacher in Wisconsin.) and being with your babe is most important. :) Thank you for sharing!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!! -Rhiannon


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