Nov 28, 2011

Adelaide {11 months} ... long letter!

Dear Adelaide,

Again, I'm behind on writing my monthly letter to you! You turned 11 months old six days ago! I'm in disbelief. Just a few short weeks and you will be a year old. Where has the time gone?!? This time last year, I was at home, done with work and waiting your arrival (little did I know I had three weeks to go!). I was busy making things for you, cleaning the house, and cooking food for the freezer. Now, I have a rambunctious little girl who laughs all. the. time. and is constantly exploring her world. Each day I see you transform more and more into a little toddler and away from your baby-self. It makes me so excited to imagine what things are coming, but also sad that these moments are passing so quickly.


This month, you experienced your first Halloween. We didn't do much, but we did take you to your first pumpkin patch. You enjoyed feeling the breeze, and you looked really cute sitting among the little pumpkins. We got a large pumpkin, which I cut up and cooked. You love pumpkin!


Speaking of eating, you are still self-feeding like a champ. Sometimes, you stick your whole hand in your mouth just to get a small piece of food in, which is really adorable. You will eat, and eat, and eat. You love any type of squash or zucchini, potatoes (white and sweet), carrots, apples, pears, mangoes, bread with apple buttter/blueberries/apricots or maybe just plain, graham crackers, puffs, fruit smoothies, fruit popsicles, oatmeal... the list goes on and on. Sometimes you'll even try eating rocks and leaves, among other things. :)


You are so good at walking now. It didn't take long, but now you never crawl unless you're being silly. You walk all over the place, occasionally falling, but always picking yourself back up. You can also step over things sometimes, and step up and down over the door threshold. You can climb up stairs and have just figured out how to climb (safely) down!


You've started to hold my hand when you walk! I use it to my advantage... if I need to walk down the hall to get something, and need you to come with me, I just hold my hand out, say "Hold my hand!" and you'll grab right onto one of my fingers with your sweet little hand. It makes me think of how instinctively you trust your daddy and me, and it makes me feel so proud to be able to show you the world.


You are so very happy. You really belly-laugh a lot now. The littlest things will get you going and it is infectious. Your happiness is so pure and full, and hearing you laugh will turn any day into a great one.

You've just started pointing, about a week ago. And you point all the time now. And grunt. :)


You're cutting your first tooth, finally! It actually began coming through four days after your 11-month birthday, but since I'm late writing this, I figure I'll include it too. It has been tough for you, little one. The previous two weeks, you were extra clingy and fussy. Then, the day I noticed your tooth coming in, I first saw blood on your lip, freaked out trying to find the source, and finally saw that it was your top right tooth cutting through! You are pretty content during the day, but nights have been tough. You wake up and want to nurse constantly, which makes for a tired mama. Hopefully all your teeth won't be this difficult for you (us)!


You also had your first Thanksgiving! Every year, your Great-Granddad (daddy's grandpa) gets a beach house for the whole family to come to, and we were so excited to bring you! You've met almost all your family now, and everyone who meets you LOVES you so much! You steal their hearts, and they constantly comment on how you smile all the time and are so happy. You took a little while to warm up to being held by different people, but you enjoyed yourself so much. You followed your cousin Hayden around and played with him a lot. And this was your first beach trip too. You LOVED the ocean! Again, it took you a little while to warm up to it, but on your second trip down to the water, you were screaming happily at the waves, walking into the water, and playing with the sand!

And finally, you give kisses on the mouth now. A big, open, sometimes slobbery, always wonderful kiss. Your first real kiss was just 5 days ago, and you've given quite a few since then.

You make our lives so amazing, Adelaide. We love you to pieces!

Love, Momma

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  1. Oh I am so jealous that she is walking!! Mikayla has taken steps, but still won't really walk.


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