Sep 30, 2012

Adelaide: 21 months! (It's been a while...)

Dear Adelaide,

Life is moving at such a speedy pace! You are now 21 months old.  In the past three months we have done so much, you have learned so much, and we have been so busy! Even on the days when we don't go anywhere, our days are full to the brim. You stay so BUSY. All the time, you're moving and running and going and talking and reading and squirming and screaming and nursing and eating and laughing and, and, and...

This was right after you turned 18 months... at your cousin Hayden's preschool graduation.

Such a funny girl.  At the park wearing Momma's sunglasses.

Talking: You have so many words now. I've lost count. Maybe someday soon... maybe near your 2nd birthday which is quickly approaching, I'll sit down and write out everything you can say. It's amazing. You're just now starting to string together two words. Otherwise you're still single-wording everything, grunting, and whining. Oh, the whining. You're dropping your signs now that you know the words for them, and I find myself missing the bird sign that you did so cutely. Holding your fingers up to your mouth and making a beak. Now you say "Birt." You do still sign things that you can't say, like grapes. And you finally definitely know how to say milk: "Meek, meek"... though I think just today I heard an "l" sound in there for the first time. Your daddy and I have always been able to tell what you want, but in the past couple of weeks, you've picked up words and we have no idea what you're trying to say. Maybe something learned at daycare? It's frustrating for all involved, but we know we'll all figure it out soon. :)

 You love to make art!  Here you are having fun with sponge-painting!

Moving: Such a mover! Dancer! Shaker! Runner! You're very steady on your feet. You still haven't figured out how to jump, but watching you try is a treat! You're also going through a rough stage: hitting, throwing, and throwing yourself down (a.k.a. dead-weight) when you don't want to be moved. You can go down the steps without holding onto anything. You can balance yourself standing up on Daddy's tummy. And you love to spin. You make yourself dizzy and laugh, and laugh some more!

Breakfast in bed for everyone!

Nursing: You're still nursing quite a bit. A few times a day, and a few times at night. I still nurse you down for all naps at home and at bedtime. You love your mommy milk. You get happy when I ask you if you want milk, and you often smile and play with me while you're at the breast. I'm proud to say that I'm still breastfeeding you at 21 months. I will be heartbroken when you decide to wean. Though, if you wanted to sleep through the night instead of waking up all the time, I might not mind that so much.

Eating: You are so particular! You're a grazer. We can hardly get you to sit down for a meal, let alone actually eat any of it. You like picking at your food and eating little bits here and there. I don't mind that and think it's very normal. I know you're getting what you need nutritionally from my milk. You eat really well at daycare though, and though they don't feed you organic food, you do get a lot of fruits and veggies there. And they're really great about making sure you don't eat any meat, something our family feels very strongly about.

Teeth: You have 12 teeth, with your 13th one coming in as I write. 4 top, 4 bottom, and 4 molars (you got all four molars at the same time!). Right now you are getting your first canine tooth. You're a great teether. I don't know if it's the amber teething necklace you wear or if you're just a good teether (not like it's a choice you make), but we hardly have any major issues. Just some crazy sleep and fussy behavior. Totally understandable considering there are sharp things pushing through your sensitive gums! Just be glad you won't remember this at all.

Potty-Training: You're so awesome at the potty! We've had the potty out for a long, long time... since before you were one. You enjoyed sitting on the potty for a long time too, before you really knew what to do with it. Then we went through a couple months of you peeing, and THEN running to the potty. Finally, you started peeing in the potty. Now you can go through naps sometimes without peeing, you can pee on demand (like before bed or before going out, if you really have pee in there), and you've even pooped on the potty! I think three times now. And we've had the daycare just start putting you on the potty there before naps just to hopefully get you comfortable with the toilet there. We're so proud of you, and really hope that you'll be trained by two! Just think... only diapers at nighttime in just three short months! What a dream!



Other neat things: You can put your shoes on and take them off by yourself... and you will do so repeatedly. You can remember things. This is so cool! For instance, just this past week you and I went to Panera Bread and had cheesy noodles, bread, and an apple. When we got home, Daddy asked you what you ate there and you were able to name everything! You also LOVE LOVE LOVE to take care of your babies. Putting diapers on them, shushing them, rocking them, even giving them YOUR milk. :) Daddy loves playing with you. You both chase after the ball to see who can get to it first and you LAUGH so loud during that game. You love it when we hide and jump out to scare you as you run by. You love to help around the house, picking things up, unloading the dishwasher, putting away clothes, feeding the cats, and even trying to use the dustpan.   And you love to read, always picking book after book after book for either me or Daddy to read to you.  You're even starting to "read" to us!




I can't imagine what you'll be like just three months from now, when you turn TWO. Things are happening so fast. It's all so bittersweet... I know I mention that in nearly every letter. But watching you grow is so amazing, yet I miss the tiny you. Looking back at old pictures blows my mind... I don't even REMEMBER those days!

Love you baby girl. I can't imagine life without you know, and can't remember what my life was like before you were here. I'm so glad I get to be your mother.



  1. Whoa! She posts! Beautiful girl we have there... Thank you so much for keeping a record of this wonderful girl growing up. I know we will look back at this when she's older and will love that it's here. You are a great mom, wife, and best friend! *Hugs* You are much appreciated!

  2. yay! I have been a fan of your little lentil page and have missed your posts. :) Rock on for nursing at 21 months! My little 12 month old has recently started losing interest- although we still nurse at night and a couple of times a day...I am hoping to keep her going for quite a while longer!


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