Oct 1, 2012

Photo dump from the past three months.

I love when she falls asleep on me... Rare for this 20-month-old.  Where has my baby gone? 
Fell asleep after nursing.

Still love being worn by momma.

After your bath, you love to be wrapped up in a towel like a baby, and Daddy always shows you off to Momma (or vice versa).

This summer, we spent a week in the mountains with your Aunt Meaghann, Uncle Paul, and cousin Alice.  We dressed you two girls up as Woodland Fairies, and let you play in the woods.

You take my breath away.

You love to paint!

This is all you, baby.  Almost nakey, wearing momma's socks.

Wearing some new kicks and noshing on a "nana."

Momma made you sidewalk chalk paint, and you loved it!

This makes my heart melt!

You were mighty happy to have free canteloupe samples!  And this is your "cheeeeeese" face!

Picking you up from daycare after work.  Getting you from the building to the car is quite a feat.

Reading bedtime stories with Daddy. 

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